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The only way to braai chicken

The only way to braai chicken: must be room temperature. put chicken in a LARGE dish with a liquid seal lid. Add plenty olive oil, herbs, spices of your choice, some fresh lemon juice, garlic etc. Close container (a pick ‘n pay bag will do) and shake up. Allow to marinade for at least half hour, shaking/ mixing often. Cook on a medium to hot fire, turning often, until meat just pulls away from the bone. Guaranteed crispy skin and the flavour of spices etc pulled into meat…!!

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6 thoughts on “The only way to braai chicken

  1. I used to braai chicken on a meduim fire but found that if I braai a chicken on a VERY HOT fire , turning the chicken frequently , it is totally juicy and tender on the inside and skin nice and crispy with plenty of fire left for chops and steaks!

  2. I will bow to your superior Knowledge!! My way seems to work, but will try yours sometime. I have a friend of 30 years standing that can do chicken, steak, wors and chops all at the same time, all comes off the grid at the same time, all done to perfection, how the hell he does it is beyond me, I won’t even try it!! Do you use olive oil with chicken or just do it “dry”?

    1. Savage

      Your friend knows his fire, there is no even heat coming from any coals, he clearly knows where to place each piece of meat to ensure that everything cooks through and is ready at the same time.

      It takes practice to know how to do this correctly and he clearly has mastered this art.

  3. Barry Nel

    John has a point. I tried that once and the chicken came out perfect and the fire was super hot.

  4. George

    I use webber braai…Light ur charcoal..after charcoal burning hot…move the charcoals to each side leaving a gap in the ur marinated chicken pieces with bone in the middle…cove the webber with lid and let the chicken cook for about 45 min…open lid and turn the chicken after 20 min one time only.. This method is called cooking by indirect will have the best cooked juicy chicken cooked to the bone…Trust me try it!!!!

  5. Sonja

    I braai my chicken on medium to high..and then take out some coles and braai till it is done.
    don’t like chicken juicy (with wet stuff) lol in it.
    Mine is soft and crispy..

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