The only way to braai chicken: must be room temperature. put chicken in a LARGE dish with a liquid seal lid. Add plenty olive oil, herbs, spices of your choice, some fresh lemon juice, garlic etc. Close container (a pick ‘n pay bag will do) and shake up. Allow to marinade for at least half hour, shaking/ mixing often. Cook on a medium to hot fire, turning often, until meat just pulls away from the bone. Guaranteed crispy skin and the flavour of spices etc pulled into meat…!!

If you love to braai chicken try out the following delicious lime chicken recipe.


Chicken breasts – boneless, skinless
1 cup lime juice
1 tablespoon Honey
3/4 cup Water
1/2 teaspoon Fresh ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon Ground thyme
2 tablespoons Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon Fresh ginger –  peel, grated

Combine all ingredients except chicken in blender or food processor. Process until combined well. Pour over chicken.

Cover and let marinate in the refrigerator overnight. Grill over hot coals, turning once, until done.

Garnish with lime slices.


What is a braai blog without a potjiekos recipe? Here’s another great recipe I found on

chicken-potjiekos“There is absolutely nothing more beautiful and enjoyable than a sunny winter’s day in Cape Town. We only have a few of these days during the wet rainy cape town winters and it’s of utmost importance to use the opportunity to enjoy the day to the fullest. I’ve decided that today I’m going to prepare creamy bacon chicken potjiekos for my family as I know they absolutely love it and why not share the experience with you.

The most important thing to remember when you prepare potjiekos is to take your time tell all to have a decent breakfast so they won’t rush you, it always comes out a perfect dish if you prepare it on a low heat wood fire, to accomplish the perfect potjie you only need 5 –7 medium sized pieces of wood. Because of the time the potjie takes to prepare it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the day in the company of your friends and family also it allows you to enjoy a few glasses of wine or beers. Details