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Top 10 Braai Tips

“Earlier today a journalist asked me for my top 10 braai tips. Considering that I did not have such a list of tips, I sucked them out of my thumb. Here they are: Nothing beats a real wood fire. Gas is Afrikaans for a guest at your braai, not something you braai with. Braaing is the only fat-negative way of cooking food. Even when you steam it, the fat in the food stays behind. When you braai, the fat drips out. Never braai with indigenous wood. Alien vegetation like Rooikrantz…

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Beware of alcohol on Braai Day

Collin came home from the pub late one Friday evening stinking drunk, as he often did, and crept into bed beside his wife who was already asleep. He gave her a peck on the cheek and fell asleep. When he awoke he found a strange man standing at the end of his bed wearing a long flowing white robe. “Who the hell are you?” Demanded Collin, “and what are you doing in my bedroom?” The mysterious Man answered, “This isn’t your bedroom and I’m St Peter”. Collin was stunned “You…

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