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Helpful Hints on How to Treat your Meat

• Steaks aren’t just a summertime meal idea.  Try marinating a round sirloin or blade steak and pop on the grill or in the broiler or frying pan for a tender and tasty meal.  For portion control slice before placing on platter on the table. • Making stews is a great way to manage time […]

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Braai Tips

FIREWOOD AND COALS Charcoal is very popular but any wood that produces long-lasting coals is suitable. Rooikrans, Camelthorn, Umbrella-thorn, Sickle-bush, even vine stumps are ideal. Use fire lighters, but never petrol to light a fire. HINTS WHEN BRAAING Beef must be thawed before it is grilled.  Remove the meat from the freezer at least a […]

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