If you’ve ever been embarrassed while lighting a braai or starting a fire, here is some good advice I found on www.bbqmasala.com.

“Preparing the Grill or Braai

When sparking your grill don’t forget how you used to light a camp fire. Primitive man has passed this innate skill for generations and fires were always to be built in the pyramidal shape. It is this that most people do not do and thus will have issues when starting the fire.

Make sure you set up the coal like the Egyptians. OK, maybe I am being too forward…set up your coal in a pyramid. OK now here you have to use your math skills, insert three firelighters evenly, yes EVENLY! into the pyramid and light em up.

Leave for 20 to 30 full minutes, the flames should have died down at that point…and if you have followed these instructions- the charcoal should have turned white.

If you get this far you are almost done… now spread the charcoal more evenly around the barbecue rack using a barbecue tool (ok…a barbeque tool for this purpose is anything you can get your hands on to get the job done!).

The bbq is now ready…but wait! While we can give you some tips…here is where the bbq master inside you has to come out!

Our tips are this:
1. Wait for the flames to die down..(Else, you will get food that does not smell very nice.)
This is because they are soaked in kerosene.
2. Don’t cover all of the base of the rack with charcoal..(this baby need some air too..)
3. Get your beer ready..(Last thing you need is to have to decide whether to get a beer or let the food burn!)”

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5 Replies to “How to Start a Braai

  • Patrick Michael Venter
    Patrick Michael Venter

    awesome advice mate!!!

    do you have any advice on findin friends dat share the passion of braain? . . . lol jus kiddin

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  • Thomas Rhodes
    Thomas Rhodes

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