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Chocolate Covered Bananas on Braai

Apprentice Braai-Master Corey’s Chocolate Covered Bananas (in the words of GRS intern, Corey Moffat)

1. The secret recipe of the South African chocolate banana is one the most highly prized possessions of the South African Braai Masters’ guild. It is passed down from master to apprentice only after the apprentice has proven his worth through rigorous challenges to prove his Braai skillz. Once these have been adequately shown, the Braai Master then bestows the glory that is the chocolate banana on the wide-eyed apprentice.

2. The process begins with the splitting of the banana. A highly ritualistic process, the banana is split longways down the middle with the bottom peel left unruptured.

3. The banana is then packed with three separate blocks of chocolate, which are placed equidistant from each other. The loaded bananas are then carefully placed directly on the open coals with special care given to their stability.

4. These products are then allowed to cook for as long as it takes the chocolate to melt completely and the banana to soften up. If the chocolate ends up boiling the braai master knows that they have done something right.

5. Once the Braai Master feels that the bananas are ready to serve, he stacks them on the serving plate with the concentration of a Jenga king.

6. To serve them, these fine pieces of South African cuisine are dumped upside down onto the plate, while in the same motion the banana skin is peeled off the back.

7. For further pleasure, some proponents of these fine treats are known to add cups of vanilla ice cream, to provide a nice contrast with the temperature and texture of the chocolate banana.


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3 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Bananas on Braai

  1. Matthew

    This truely is an awesome dessert.
    Another additive is also another amazinf south african product. Pour a touch of amarula cream over the top of the banana when serving.

    1. bwkling

      Hi Matthew, thanks a lot for your tip. That does sound good. I am a big Amarula fan myself.

  2. braaibrood

    Another variety call for a complete peeling of a whole banana, carefully wrapped in foil with the chocolate, and 1 marshmallow cut in 3rds. The braaier then presents this package to the guest.

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