Braaihacker’s New Years Eve Braaing on a Budget.

Braaihacker’s New Years Eve Braaing on a Budget.

I know a lot of people are a little 'thin' around New Years, so I thought it good to look at a budget way of... Details
Top 10 Braai Tips

Top 10 Braai Tips

"Earlier today a journalist asked me for my top 10 braai tips. Considering that I did not have such a list of tips, I sucked... Details

Home-made Fire Lighters

Dry old tea bags. Pack into a glass jar and cover with metholated spirits, allowing it to soak in. A few of these between your... Details

Braai Fit For A King – With a putu pap recipe

As a South African, I feel every man should know how to get a great Braai going, from starting the fire to creating great African... Details

Helpful Hints on How to Treat your Meat

• Steaks aren’t just a summertime meal idea.  Try marinating a round sirloin or blade steak and pop on the grill or in the broiler... Details

Braai Tips

FIREWOOD AND COALS Charcoal is very popular but any wood that produces long-lasting coals is suitable. Rooikrans, Camelthorn, Umbrella-thorn, Sickle-bush, even vine stumps are ideal.... Details

Jason’s Braai Tips

Here are some more braai tips I found on Jason Bagley's Blog: "I just had a really awesome Sunday afternoon braai with my girlfriend’s family,... Details

Tips, advice and recipes for a suiwer South African braai

Any South African worth their (braai) salt will tell you that boerewors, rugby and sunny skies are the essentials of a proudly African braai. Add... Details