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8 thoughts on “Braai Oven…have a look :)

  1. Please give us an idea of how it works, what will be the heat source, and what can you cook with it? Ek’s baie nuuskierig om te weet.

    1. Hi John, I posted an essay to your question but I seem to have posted it elsewhere!
      Basically you place a few coals as you would a poitjie, place a few coals on the side and top gratings,+- 3 briquettes each, wait about 5 minutes, pop your bread or whatever dish you’re making and check in now and then. The heat is retained in the steel so even ‘peeking in’ often doesn’t affect the cooking.
      To date we have done breads, lasagne, oxtail stew, a bobotie and jokingly some pop-corn which worked perfectly! 🙂


      PS: At the bottom of the website is a link to a short YouTube clip.

  2. Draad Linde

    Great om te gebruik vir die desember 4 weke kamp!
    Ideal om brood ens te bak. baie oulike gadget.

  3. Hi Draad, ek is by die kus en ons braai baie en my eie BushPig word ten minste 2 keer n week gebruik.(misbruik!) Ek ‘average’ so 17-20 miniete n brood en elke een gewoonlik anders….spek, olywe ens.



  4. Very cool! Got a demo model you could send me to try out?


    1. Hehe, you wouldn’t be the first to ask me that one! 🙂
      Unfortunately the BushPig doesn’t give you the gold price in Hong Kong every morning and it doesn’t have an alarm but one of the features I really like is that it doesn’t backchat.
      Ideally I would like to get it to a cricket game at Newlands eg and have a demo but they are strict on braaing apparently. The manager at St Georges in PE reckons gas only.



  5. Chris

    I want one . Please contact me.

  6. Pikkie

    Pikkie in PE,

    Ek sal net graag wil weet wat dit kos en waar dit bestel kan word.
    My epos: Tel: 073 311 6212. Dankie.

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